Sunday, February 28, 2016


The old city of Valletta is certainly the main tourist attraction of Malta.
It is just pretty and the old buildings are well preserved.
Followed Lonely Planet walking route to explore.

City Gate, with good looking Parliament Building just next to it, near to Valletta Bus Terminal.
Royal Opera House, so called, but it was a Roman ruins. It was the place of Carnival Opening Ceremony on 4 February 2016.
Palazzo Parisio, where the Napoleon stayed, is a beautiful palace, not far from the City Gate.
Carmelite Basilica, is the big dome seen in Valletta from the far, but it was nothing from nearby since it is closely surrounded by houses.
Lower Barrakka Garden. Just south to it, there is Siege Bell Memorial, with a big bell and sleeping statue. The walk from this garden to the north to Upper Barrakka Garden is nice walk with Great Harbour view.
Upper Barrakka Garden, a nice Roman garden with fountain, and nice view of the other side of the sea.

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