Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Glance

Only 3 days I spent for my first trip to Malta.
Wanted to visit this island since never visited before.
Watched Games of Thrones, so I wanted to visit the shooting places too.

This small country might be unknown to many people.
But I got a couple of encounter with Malta, beside the Games of Thrones.
One is, during my trip in Romania, I joined a day trip tour, where I met a Maltese couple.
The other is, my previous British colleague, told me he and his wife are visiting Malta every year since it is a nice place and cheaper.

Since I visited Italy for the Venice Carnival and Vatican City, and it is close from Italy to Malta, and I had time before my traveling friend would arrive in Finland, so I allocated 3 days to visit.

It was off season in winter in Malta, but February is the time of carnival too in Malta.
With the hope to see a bit of it, I arrived in this country island.

Malta is unique, a mixture of Arabic and Italy.
It has spectacular well preserved historical places as well as pretty beaches.

Valletta, the capital, is very beautiful and interesting old town.
So as many other old towns such as Mdina, Vittoriosa, Victoria in Gozo.
Malta has also some good restaurants around the island.

Even though the bus has good network, the frequency is not that convenient, since you have to wait long time.
Maybe in my next visit, I will rent a car.

3 days was too short to tell a lot about this country.
But these are my best 3 during my visit:
1. Pretty village of Marsaxlokk and yummy fish soup at Tartarum
2. Wandering around Valletta
3. Boat trip and the view at Azzure Window in Gozo


The old city of Valletta is certainly the main tourist attraction of Malta.
It is just pretty and the old buildings are well preserved.
Followed Lonely Planet walking route to explore.

City Gate, with good looking Parliament Building just next to it, near to Valletta Bus Terminal.
Royal Opera House, so called, but it was a Roman ruins. It was the place of Carnival Opening Ceremony on 4 February 2016.
Palazzo Parisio, where the Napoleon stayed, is a beautiful palace, not far from the City Gate.
Carmelite Basilica, is the big dome seen in Valletta from the far, but it was nothing from nearby since it is closely surrounded by houses.
Lower Barrakka Garden. Just south to it, there is Siege Bell Memorial, with a big bell and sleeping statue. The walk from this garden to the north to Upper Barrakka Garden is nice walk with Great Harbour view.
Upper Barrakka Garden, a nice Roman garden with fountain, and nice view of the other side of the sea.

Valletta: St. John Co-Cathedral

The inside was spectacular, that I think it is much more prettier than the famous Sistine Chapel of Vatican City. The painting on the walls and the marble on the floors are amazing. The entrance was expensive EUR 10 though.

Carnival Opening in Valletta

Just had a taste of Malta Carnival at the Opening on 4 February 2016.
The main events were on 5 and 6 February 2016 in Valletta.