Saturday, February 27, 2016


Just 10 minutes walk from Mdina. Visited St. Agatha's Catacomb, famous for its frescoes. Entrance fee is EUR 5, including guided tour. Catacomb is a graveyard not a shelter.
Just opposite of St. Agatha's Catacomb, there is St. Paul's Catacomb, looks more preserved with modern annex. When I asked the guide in St. Agatha Catacomb why St. Paul's look more beautiful and preserved, he explained that St. Paul's is handled by government with more budget, but St. Agatha's is handled by a religious society with less budget, much depending on visitor entrance fee, so he asked us to spread the mouth for more visitors. St. Agatha's has frescoes and the real bones, while there is none in St. Paul's. St. Agatha is one of the main saint patron of Malta, and said to spend sometime in the catacomb before going back to Sicily. There is St. Agatha festival in the area beginning weekend of February.
In the surrounding, there are several churches and museums, but decided not go, since every place needs EUR 5 entrance fee.

St. Agatha's Catacomb, the stairs going down

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